I wrote an article dedicated to lessons you can learn from your older sister. It was everything from learning how to move on from a guy to learning when it’s appropriate to let go of friends or things or something you think you’ll never be able to grow from.

And these are all lessons I’ve learned from my older sister. I close the article with this: “I am always and forever thankful for my big sister because of everything she’s taught me.” 

But really, I’m just plain old really thankful for my sister.


She calls me when she knows I’ve had a bad day, she lets me come visit her and celebrates my birthday with me (in style), she supports me in my crazy dreams, and she’s literally always there for me. Like my post about my dad, my sister will hold me up when it feels like the floor is gone.

Meghan listens to my rants, she tells me when I need to get up and try again after I fail, she indulges my love of country music, she laughs with me, she cries with me, she loves the same movies, and she always is there for me.

Come hell or high water, I know my sister would run through fire for me (excuse the mixed and multiple metaphors). I know she would do anything to make sure I know that I’m loved, supported, and that someone will always pick me up when I’m down.

I just hope she knows I’d do the same for her.


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